Watch Ya Mouth: DWade Fined $15k After Giving Fans The Middle Finger For Disrespectful Comments About Wife Gabrielle Union


Dwyane Wade Fined $15,000 For Giving Middle Finger To Fans Heckling Him About Garbielle Union

NBA Baler Dwyane Wade hasn’t really been one to feed into any public negativity regarding his personal life, but a few fans apparently took things little to far for his taste with their comments about his wifey Gabrielle Union during a recent game.

Fed up with the fans taunting him about Gabby, DWade responded with a middle finger and not a single fawk given. He later had this to say about the NBA needing to do a better job of protecting their athletes by monitoring fans who take things too far:

via Fox Sports

“The NBA is an unbelievable league, and I’m one of the first ones to be doing NBA Cares and all these things in the community, but they need to protect us a little more,” Wade told The Associated Press. “They need to do a better job of protecting players in the arena. It’s open game on us. We’re big boys, we can take it, but everyone has their breaking point.”

Wade said a number of fans were saying things about his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, and that the comments got progressively worse as the night went along. He lost his cool, approaching the group with the middle finger raised on one of his hands

In light of the incident, Dwyane was fined $15,000 by the NBA and also said his children even revoked his phone and television privileges.


#WithThisRing Executive Producer Tracey Edmonds Talks Her All-Black Female Cast, Lack Of Black Roles In Hollywood & Deion Sanders Acting Skills


Tracey Edmonds Talks New Movie “With This Ring” And Black Actresses In Lead Roles

Earlier this week, we caught up with always-fab executive producer Tracey Edmonds to chat about her latest television movie “With This Ring.” Among other things, Tracey opened up with her thoughts on the increased presence of black actresses in lead roles on television, having an all-black female cast in the movie and her boo Deion Sanders’ acting skills.

Check out a little of what she had to say below:

On the increased presence of African-American actresses in lead roles:
Yes. Well and I think that we have made some strides. And so the, you know, the blessings are that you see a lot more African-American females especially on television in leading roles.

And so that’s amazing to see. Kerry Washington in Scandal, Viola Davis in How to Get Away with, you know, Murder, you know, Alfre Woodard, you know, also on another network show, Taraji Henson.

So I mean we do see a lot more African-American women in empowered and in leading roles. And so I’m very, very excited about that so we’ve made some strides.

On the challenges for African-American actors in Hollywood:
The challenges are still the lack of slots for what I’d call all African-American casted films, you know, where, you know, basically your, you know, your entire cast, you know, is African-American, or African-American stories.

For example like, you know, our, you know, With this Ring, you know, all of our leads are African American women and but that is still pretty rare to see.

And so it’s a blessing that Lifetime, you know, is our creating – is creating slots to allow these types of stories to be told.

Because these types of stories even though you have African-American casting, you know, the scenes are still relatable across the board.

And so there are still, you know, fabulous single women of all colors that are still single that are still dealing with the dynamics that we’re exploring in the story.

So there is still a long way to go especially on the theatrical side of things. There are very few studio films that are being made for African American casts.

And so they’re only a couple slots a year, you know, for urban films versus, you know, the hundreds of slots that are available for mainstream films. So we still have a long ways to go, you know, in that arena.

On how she’d rate boyfriend Deion Sanders’ acting cameo in the film:
Oh I rate it a 10. He came in and he did his thing and he did not disappoint at all. He played the heck out of that role.

I mean we were all left kind of wishing that we had a little bit more because his character was so much fun.

“With This Ring” was also co-produced by actress Gabrielle Union and stars Regina Hall, Eve and Jill Scott. You can catch the premiere tonight on Lifetime at 8pm! Will you be watching??

#WithThisRing: Regina Hall Talks Making A Marriage Pact, Playing A Stripper In “The Best Man,” & How Her Father’s Death Impacted Her Career


Regina Hall Speaks On New Movie “With This Ring,” Getting Married And Her Father’s Death

Veteran Hollywood actress Regina Hall has been popping up on the big and small screen very frequently over the last few years and she recently opened up about landing her first-ever lead role in the upcoming Lifetime film “With This Ring.” We caught up with Regina earlier this week to chat about the film, which was produced by Tracey Edmonds and Gabrielle Union, and she also touched on a few other topics including her own “marriage pact,” her father’s death, being a sex symbol and more.

Check out some of what she had to say below:

On what makes the film so relatable for her:
Well I mean I am a woman who is single.

So that, you know, the scenes in the book and in the script which I think has did an amazing job of adapting (unintelligible) to it I mean they resonate with me like so much.

And what doesn’t resonate with me resonates with friends in my life. And it has been my friends that have gotten me through a lot of situations and who remind me of so many great things in, you know, my life.So I think it was just – it’s just a very well done well written script.

And I always relate to that. But, you know, there were a lot of things about this woman that I relate to a lot. And I think the writers did a fabulous job in catching that.

On how losing her father impacted her career choice:
I was in grad school getting my Masters in journalism and my father died. He died very, very suddenly of a stroke my very first semester. And it pushed me into really grasping the brevity of life. And then that pushed me into what would I really like to do?

You know, and it’s not like I had, you know, journalism always was very interesting to me and I actually loved it as well. But I had so many deeper questions to having lost a parent so young. So I think, you know, that was very big because it was after. And then I just did finish that but it was after that that I decided that I would pursue acting. And I think that was probably that was the biggest catalyst.

On whether or not she knows men consider her a “sex symbol:”
Well you know what there’s two answers to that. No. Well I’m in sweats and a baseball cap. And look your husband would be like wait a minute, you know, who was that?

But I think the other part too is because I’m – I haven’t been in social media so you don’t get to – until five days ago and I’m still not good at it you may not know you don’t hear it as much.

And also I don’t necessarily think you need to hear it, you know, I – it’s always wonderful to be supportive. Like the fact that, you know, you are an amazing woman and there is anything that, you know, you’re on, like you’re taking time out to say I really like which you do or that’s just – that’s kind of the beautiful part of it, you know, because it’s a real sincere part of it. And that’s kind of what you love.

And, you know, maybe people – maybe people resonate with, you know, that but I, you know, it’s a weird thing feel like sex symbol especially as I’ve gotten older.

On not being offered more roles involving nudity after playing a stripper in “The Best Man:
I thought after I did Best Man people are going to ask me to strip again. But no one asked me again…I got offended! [Laughs]

I thought: ‘Oh, I’m going to be typecast. They’re going to be asking you to play [a stripper].’ Not one role. Not one person asked me to take my clothes off again.

On making a real life “marriage pact” with her friends:
Oh my God yes. I made that vow. And clearly didn’t stick to it so, I must have come to the same conclusion that [my character] did. But, you know, I’ve had moments where my friends and I have been like look at this – bye this time next year we’re going to be married. It doesn’t matter.

On what women can learn from the movie:
I think the whole point of the movie — and I certainly resonate with this — is that, you know, and especially as a black woman I say, you know, we can’t wait to be happy. And there’s not an event or relationship or, you know, something that you have planned in your head that creates that.

And I know before this movie started I was living in the – in my house but I wanted a yard in my house. And about three years ago, I wanted to move. And I remember the first thought is, oh, you know what? I should probably wait until I get married and then I’ll move. And then I thought well, I don’t know when that is. And I could enjoy my yard right now, you know, because right now is really all I have.

And I think that’s the message that, you know, I really hope women take away from it like just there as so many wonderful things and so many wonderful pieces that make up life as a whole. You know, there’s so many different elements. So just because it’s not the way you necessarily envisioned or dreamed it doesn’t mean that it’s not deliciously wonderful.

And I hope women really can know that and know that they themselves are the most valuable component in their life.

“With This Ring” airs Saturday, January 24th at 8pm and we’ll definitely be tuning in! Will you?


Does Gabrielle Union Know About This?

Apparently, Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade was among the hordes of drooling men on social media who right-clicked and saved photos of scantily clad single mom Amber Rose to their hard drives. As you know, Wade married 42-year-old actress Gabrielle Union last year as a consolation after one of his mistresses gave birth to a […]

50 Shades Of Fine: Regina Hall, Gabrielle Union & Tracey Edmonds Flick It Up On The Set Of Extra TV


Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall And Tracey Edmonds On Set Of Extra TV

There’s certainly no shortage of beautiful black women in Hollyweird these days and three of them recently linked up on the set of Extra TV.

Established business woman turned Extra TV co-host Tracey Edmonds was joined by actresses Gabrielle Union and Regina Hall in L.A. earlier this week where the trio sat down to film a quick segment for the show.


Judging from the photos, the ladies had a great time on set together….and they were definitely a sight for sore eyes.


They look pretty great, riiiiiggght? Check out a few more pics below.

ReginaGabTracyfeat2 ReginaGabTracyfeat ReginaGabTrac GabTracyRegina GabTracyRegina2 ReginaHall1 ReginaHall1


Celebs Out & About: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi, Floyd Mayweather, Suge Knight

The paparazzi could drive a truck between socialite Kim Kardashian and her musician husband Kanye West as they arrived at JFK International Airport in New York City. A source who is close to the couple says Kim is desperate to birth Kanye’s 2nd baby (to help boost TV ratings), but her endeavors are futile because […]

Heeyy Mrs. Wade: A Bangin’ Gabrielle Union Talks Relationship Drama & Living Below Her Means – “I Borrow [Expensive] Sh*t & Give It Back”


Gabby says her checks will never stop coming in because she lives within her means….

Earlier this month, we showed you a sneak peek of Hollyweird actress Gabrielle Union steaming up the pages of the latest issue of Uptown Magazine and now the full photo shoot and interview have been released.

Check out a few excerpts below to see what Gabby had to say about relationship drama, living below her means, being the breadwinner in L.A. while hubby Dwyane Wade holds it down in Miami, her leaked pics, being a stepmom and more.

via Uptown Magazine

On being the “provider” for she and Dwyane in L.A.:
I feel like Dwyane provides for us in Miami and I should provide for us in L.A.

I bought a really great house and we’re remodeling. What I wanted is really in Bel-Air, but I have a deep Valley budget, so I’m there. I got a lot of what I wanted, but I had to reevaluate my priorities.

On living below her means:
I live so far below my means that if the career was taken away, I could get a job based on my level of education and my job skills, and I could still afford what I have. I plan ahead for the destruction, my financial ruin.

I might borrow some hot sh*t, but you’re gonna come to my house and be like, ‘What happened to that dope bag that cost as much as a home?’ I borrow that. I give it right back.

On finding out about her leaked internet pictures:
I literally heard the day after I got married. It happened after [we had] the most epic discussion with pre-teens and teenagers about Internet safety, social media, being a target and having to be smart.

The next day I had to say, ‘Ummm. Of no fault of my own, um, you know, I’m naked on the Internet.’​

Gabby also spoke on relationship drama, being a stepmom, whether or not she wants kids of her own and more. Hit the flip to see what else she had to say.