Elsewhere In The World: Indian Court Rules A Win For “Third Gender” Individuals Who Identify Themselves As Transgender Or Transsexual

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Indian Court Rules A Win For “Third Gender” Individuals

All we have to say is you have been forewarned when googling “Indian Tranny”…

According to CNN:

In a ruling that human rights groups are calling historic, India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday granted the country’s transsexual and transgender individuals the right to self-identify their gender. The ruling means transsexual and transgender people and those who identify as belonging to the “third gender” will not be required to submit medical evidence of their sexuality to be recognized by the government as a member of that gender, said Tripti Tandon, a lawyer for one of the plaintiffs.

A plea was filed before the Supreme Court by India’s National Legal Services Authority in 2012 on behalf of the transsexual and “hijra,” or third-gender, communities. “The Supreme Court ruled that everyone has the fundamental right to have their gender identified and recognized in the law without any discrimination,” Tandon said. “And it’s self-identification of the gender as opposed to medically or surgically assigned one.” The high court also issued a series of guidelines to India’s federal government and state administrations for enforcement of its orders, she added.
The ruling states that “gender identity is integral to the dignity of an individual and is at the core of ‘personal autonomy’ and ‘self-determination.’”

Hijras, the ruling said, must be considered a third gender “over and above binary genders under our Constitution and the laws.” The ruling allows females to identify as males and males to identify as females, and no sex reassignment surgery is required for recognition of one’s self-defined gender. Human rights groups praised the ruling, but used the opportunity to push for changes in another law that criminalizes consensual homosexual relationships.

Tuesday’s ruling has the potential to alter the lives of people who have suffered oppression, Amnesty International’s program director in India, Shashikumar Velath, said in a statement. But, he noted, the same Supreme Court has overturned a lower court’s decision to decriminalize homosexual relationships. The law bans people from engaging in “carnal acts against the order of nature” and dates back to British colonial times. The court’s ruling on transgender, transsexual and third-gender people recognizes that their plight cannot be ignored, said Graeme Reid, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Program at Human Rights Watch.

Interesting. Discuss…

Poor Thang: Chingy Admits He Lost His Record Deal Due To Rumors He Smashed A Transsexual To Smithereens!

chingy and sydney starr

Chingy says this picture ruined his career!

Chingy Reveals He Lost His Record Deal Due Transsexual Rumors

Chingy spoke with VladTV about the past false accusations set against him, alleging that he had once engaged in a relationship with attention slorin’ transsexual Sydney Starr.

Chingy explained how he simply took a friendly picture with Starr during a show that he and Ludacris were performing at in Chicago, and two years later she came out with the wild accusations that they were intimate with one another. He spoke on how damaging her lie was to his career, and how he “lost a record deal” over the false image she painted of him.

“I remember that day when me and Ludacris had that show in Chicago,” Chingy relected to Vlad TV. “And one who I thought was a young lady that came up to me that wanted a picture…I thought she was a fan. She seemed pretty cool. I took the picture. And that was it. Two years after that, I see something come out of some bull crap about this transsexual person was in a relationship with me. I was just like everybody else. I didn’t have a clue at what this person was talking about.”

“It injured my career a little bit; I watched it happen!” he continued. “I lost a deal ’cause of that–a record situation. It was said to me, ‘there was so much bad publicity around that’, it’s so crazy man.”

Even though she later admitted the claims of being in a relationship with him were all a lie, the damage was already done on a professional level. However, Chingy harbors no ill will in his heart, and believes that karma will come to find Sydney Starr one day.

chingy and sydney starr l-500x375 18739101827073182948100

Chingy isn’t the rapper to have a photo taken with the groupie transsexual but probably the only one whose career struggled partly because of it. Do you think rumors of Chingy ruined his career or was his struggle tunes just that bad enough?

Gay Media Personality B. Scott Says He Didn’t Realize He Was Transgender Until BET Kicked Him Off The Red Carpet


B. Scott is suing BET for millions after being booted from the BET Awards for looking too “womanly”

B. Scott Says He Didn’t Realize He Was Transgender Until BET Incident

Via TMZ reports:

B. Scott and Oprah Winfrey have something in common — all their life, they had to fight! — at least that’s what Scott says as part of his lawsuit against BET … claiming he feels like O’s character in “The Color Purple.”

As TMZ first reported, B. Scott — an openly gay transgender person — is suing BET, claiming the network humiliated him during last year’s BET Awards by yanking him off the show because he was wearing women’s clothes.

Scott says in the deposition — obtained by TMZ — before the blow-up he hadn’t thought of himself as a transgender person, but during his battle with BET he came to realize that’s exactly who he is.

He explains, “I feel like Sofia in ‘The Color Purple.’ ‘All my life I had to fight!’ Because of my experience with BET, it led me to the realization that I am transgender because of my gender identity and expression, it was specifically because of my gender and not my sexuality that made me a target.”


“You got to fight them, Celie, she say. I can’t do it for you. You got to fight them for yourself!”

Do you think BET discriminated against B. Scott?

Behold, A Lady: Transgender Texas Teacher Reinstated After Being Suspended For “Switching Sides”

Transgender teacher Laura Klug reinstated

She’s baaaa-aaaack

Texas Transgender Teacher Reinstated After Brief Suspension

Via NYDailyNews

A small school district in east Texas has reinstated a transgender teacher after a brief suspension prompted by parents who complained she was distracting their children.

The parents claimed Laura Jane Klug, a 52-year-old transgender woman who is a substitute teacher with the Lumberton Independent School District, allegedly caused a distraction among a fifth grade class of 10- and 11-year-old students.

The district suspended Klug earlier this week and told her there was nothing wrong with the way she taught, but that her gender was at issue, according to KFDM-TV.

The suspension enraged several members of the community, who gathered in full force, some wearing purple clothes and “I heart equality” buttons to challenge the decision Thursday night at a school board meeting.

“She’s not transgender – she’s a woman,” Christopher King said at the meeting.

“This is a constitutional issue. You have to ask yourself this one question: Is there any rational basis for her termination,” King asked.

Many parents at the school were NOT trying to hear that isht, but not quite enough to keep

Klug attended the packed meeting and heard from both sides during the open forum, but didn’t speak.

Those in support of Klug as a teacher outnumbered those against. Topics argued ranged from equal rights among transgender people to parents concerned for their young children being exposed to Klug and her private lifestyle.

The board did not make a decision on the matter that night because the item did not make the agenda in time, Superintendent John Valastro told a Texas newspaper, The Beaumont Enterprise.

Valastro made the decision late Thursday night to reinstate Klug because the district wanted to do what was right, according to 12 News Now.

“My only concern is now the kids know,” Klug told the television station over the phone. “I don’t know what attention it will bring from the kids now.”

Klug will return to the classroom next week, she will likely be met to further protests from unhappy parents.

Would you have a problem with your child being taught by a transgender man or woman?

What The Hell??? Transgender Twitter Employee Arrested For Allegedly Raping Her Wife!


F*** hashtags and retweets

LGBT Twitter Employee Arrested And Charged With Raping Her Wife

Via SFExaminer

A prominent advocate for transgender and women’s rights in the tech world has been charged with raping her wife, The San Francisco Examiner has learned.

Dana McCallum, a senior engineer at Twitter who speaks and writes about women’s and transgender rights and technology issues, was arrested Jan. 26 and booked into County Jail on suspicion of five felonies, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

McCallum, 31, whose legal name is Dana Contreras, was charged Jan. 29 with five felonies, including three counts of spousal rape, one count of false imprisonment and one count of domestic violence, according to the District Attorney’s Office. She has since pleaded not guilty.

McCallum has been out of jail on $350,000 bail. A condition of her release is that she attend AA meetings, according to court documents.

Dana’s lawyer says this whole case is a farce and is motivated by money

“I’m just disgusted that, you know, this is going on,” Runfola said. “Dana is an employee [at Twitter] and is about to come into a large amount of money. … This whole thing is about money.”

The couple had been separated, he said, but were still having sexual relations. McCallum served her wife with divorce papers the day before the incident, Runfola said.

The incident in question, according to Runfola, happened in a small condo in the Mission district when four teenagers were in the house.

“No one heard ‘rape’ or fighting or anything,” he said.

There are no witnesses for the prosecution, except one teenager who allegedly heard “no” through a door,” Runfola said regarding police files.

Those in the tech world appear to have a lot of respect for this…lady

A December story in Business Insider listed McCallum as one of the most important gay people in the tech world.

“Dana McCallum, a senior engineer at Twitter, is one of the geniuses behind Twitter. As a transgender woman, McCallum has previously said that she finds Twitter a great place to work when it comes to being LGBT-friendly,” the publication noted.

We’re not sure how an alleged rape turns into a money-grab, but the timing of the allegation does sound a lil’ suspicious to say the least.

Image via YouTube

Successful Model And Pageant Queen Reveals She Was Born A Boy [Video]

Model Geena Rocero Reveals She Was Born Male

Her bravery encourages compassion… Seems like the more courageous people speak up, the more tolerant society becomes.

Hit the flip for some stunning photos of Geena from throughout her career.

Change Gon’ Come: Bruce Jenner Holds Hands With Kris Jenner, But Is He Still Making Plans With A Transgendered Coach??? [Photos]

 Reality stars Kris & Bruce Jenner walk hand in hand while arriving on a flight at LAX with the rest of the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' clan on April 2, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

The Kardashian/Jenner clan is back… And it looks like Thailand brought Kris and Bruce Jenner closer.

Bruce Jenner Holds Hands With Kris Jenner But Also Has A New Transgender Sex Change Coach

The separated pair were spotted holding hands upon arrival at LAX with their four daughters and granddaughter North West.

 Reality stars Kris & Bruce Jenner walk hand in hand while arriving on a flight at LAX with the rest of the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' clan on April 2, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

He looks so thrilled, riiiiight?

Hit the flip for more photos and details on Bruce’s latest steps toward womanhood…


Hide Ya Kids? Parents Wants Teacher At California H.S. Fired Over Transgender Transformation!

gary adell sconce

These parents are obviously behind the times! They’re up in arms over a popular teacher’s transgender transformation!

High School Teacher Returns As Female After Spring Break Sex Change

According to NY Daily News reports:

Gary Sconce, a 56-year-old married man, who has been teaching science and multimedia at Yosemite High School for 24-years, announced to the entire student body that he was capping a dramatic transformation to become Karen Adell Scot, according to reports.

Sconce detailed in a letter home to parents on March 19 the trials and tribulations of being a “false, phony male” who used military service and martial arts to disguise his feminine side.

“I covered the female inside with hyper-masculine behavior, trying to prove I was not the woman inside I actually was,” Sconce wrote. “I will be legally changing my name and after finishing my course of teaching at Yosemite for a while longer, then will retire as a mature woman.”

Sconce has notched an impressive 30-year career as an award-winning educator.

The former sheriff deputy helped found the Yosemite High’s Cadet Corps, a student military drill group, according to the Fresno Bee.

Sconce’s amazing metamorphosis set off a firestorm among some outraged parents and faculty, who argued that Sconce’s decision should negate his contract with the school, since it was inked by a man.

“I see this as an assault on the minds and morals of our children. It blurs the lines of what is right and wrong,” Oakhurst woman Kathi Bales wrote in a scathing op-ed to the Sierra Star, which broke the news about Sconce’s gender swap.

The school district has vowed to defend Scot’s legally protected rights of gender expression and identity, which includes transgendered and transsexual persons.

Sconce’s teaching assignments will remain the same and the school has enlisted counselors to field questions from parents and students.

“This is a unique situation, one that challenges traditional ideas, philosophies and belief systems for many people,” Principal Randy Seals told the Star.

As you can imagine Gary Karen Adell has lost a lot of relationships over her change, including her wife and most of her church friends!

Major props to the students and administrators who are being supportive and outspoken about how Ms. Scot is still the same person — just a different gender.

Do you see it the same way or would you have a hard time with your child’s teacher making such a change?


Dude Kills Like A Lady: Transgender Woman Blames Murderous Male Alter Ego For Deaths Of 3 Streetwalkers!


Must be 2 sides!!!

Transgender Woman Blames Male Alter Ego For Murders Of 3 Prostitutes

Via NYDailyNews

A transgender woman accused of killing three prostitutes in 1990 says it wasn’t her who killed them but her violent male alter ego, Douglas.

The head-spinning defense given by Donna Perry of Spokane, Wash., comes after her arrest in the shooting deaths of Yolanda Sapp, Kathleen Brisbois and Nickie Lowe, whose bodies were found naked along the Spokane River.

The 62-year-old, who underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2000, allegedly told police in 2012 that her decision to change from Douglas to Donna was done in part “as a permanent way to control violence,” KXLY reported.

Despite being linked to the murders through DNA evidence, according to an arrest affidavit, Perry has argued her innocence.

In an interview with detectives in 2012, she allegedly said that she didn’t know what Douglas Perry may have done.

“I’m not going to admit I killed anybody, I didn’t. Donna has killed nobody,” she said.


This bish cray.

She argues Douglas Perry is an entirely different person and the crimes were been committed 20 years ago — too long for her to remember.

When detectives asked her why the murders stopped, she allegedly replied: “Douglas didn’t stop. Donna stopped it.”

Adding to the confusion, during her bond hearing on Tuesday, her defense attorney claimed she was unable to meet with with the defendant because jailhouse records have her listed as Douglas Perry.

“They say she’s not here because they have her listed under her prior name,” defense attorney Anna Nordtvedt said, according to Spokesman.com.

Her bail was set at $1 million.

Donna should beat Douglas’ azz for pinning a murder rap on her…

Images via KHQ/Spokane County Sheriff

Pay Yo Bills: Whitney Houston’s Shady “Half-Sister” Alexis Accused Of Shorting Stylist Out Of $25K!!!

Alexis Houston

This Alexis character stays in some isht…

According to Page Six reports:

Alexis Houston, you have a problem. You haven’t paid fashion stylist Phillip Bloch the $25,000 he claims you owe him.

Whitney Houston’s supposed half-sister hired the busy Bloch a year ago to style her photo shoots for an upcoming album, her website and a promotional tour.

Alexis is managed by Robyn Crawford, who was Whitney’s close friend since they were teenagers in Newark, NJ.
“I was a huge Whitney fan, and I thought I was continuing Whitney’s legacy and paying homage to Whitney by working with her half-sister,” Bloch told me.

“I took her to countless social events such as the opening of the Fifth Avenue Dolce & Gabbana store. I introduced her to the creme de la creme in fashion society.”

But Bloch claims he has been unable to collect his fee for the shoot despite a string of e-mails and threatening letters that I have read.

Reached by phone, Houston told me, “This is the first I’ve heard of it.” Asked if there was any reason why the bill hadn’t been paid, Alexis said, “No. Phillip and I have a great relationship.”

“She’s such a liar. I don’t tolerate liars,” Bloch said.

Houston’s office manager Jacob Ascher told me Houston’s label, EMI was responsible for paying the bill.

“Ms. Houston is not a party to the hiring or payments of agents brought on the label’s behalf.” (Requests for comment from an EMI spokesperson were not returned.)

As annoyed as he is with Houston, Bloch doesn’t believe the two big rumors about Alexis — both of which she has denied: that she once had a fling with Matt Lauer and that she is a transsexual who used to be a man named Wellington Houston.

“She has a husband and baby that she lives with in New Jersey, but I’ve never had a client who wouldn’t change in front of me before,” Bloch said. “I don’t think she’s a man, but I never saw what was down there.”

Um, Phil we can’t say for certain but we’re pretty sure you’re never going to see your money again. Next time somebody tells you they’re Whitney Houston’s sister you might want to try google first!

Alexis Houston Elle's 4th Annual Women in Music Celebration Alexis Houston