Where’s Your Balls?! Bruce Trans-Jenner Taunted On Golf Course For His New Physical Transformation

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Bruce Jenner Taunted For Feminine Appearance On Golf Course

According to TMZ reports:

Bruce Jenner has been taunted where he golfs everyday … by a few jerks who think Bruce’s new look doesn’t belong on the links or in the locker room.

Sources connected with Bruce tell TMZ … almost everyone who golfs with Bruce at his country club in Thousand Oaks has been gracious … but several people are acting like 14-year-old boys.

In one case … a golfer passed Bruce on the green and screamed out, “How’s your d**k” … suggesting it might not be there much longer. Bruce was cool — he laughed and responded by pointing to his crotch and saying, “It’s right here. It hasn’t worked in 20 years.”

Another guy heckled Bruce in the locker room, mocking his ombre hairstyle and threatening to cut it off.

Bruce still goes to the club religiously, and most people treat him warmly and with respect.

As for the 2 idiots … it’s 2014, and people have a right to live their lives the way they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone. And Bruce can probably kick their azzes in golf.

While Bruce is making all these physical changes he might wanna get some tougher skin because at the rate he’s going there is a LOT more of this to come.

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Werk: Bruce Jenner Celebrates 65th Birthday With A Pretty Pink Mani/Pedi


Should we start calling him Bruceisha soon?

Bruce Jenner Gets Pink Nail Polish For His Birthday

Via DailyMail:

Bruce Jenner has frequently been the subject of rumours he is transitioning into a woman after reportedly having his Adam’s Apple surgically reduced.

And the former pro athlete was doing nothing to dispel the whispers as he turned 65 years old on Tuesday.

Bruce was spotted stealing a smoke in his car while sporting hot pink nail polish as he rang in the landmark by himself in Malibu, California.

It appeared that the Jenner patriarch was enjoying a solo day of pampering in the quiet beach community.
With his hot pink nails and cheeky cigarette, he looked to be in full relaxation mode.

And perhaps the former Olympian was in a nostalgic mood as he also was spotted wearing his wedding band, despite his estranged wife Kris Jenner filing for divorce back in September.

The reality star has previously been alleged to be seeking gender reassignment treatment with a preference to be named ‘Brigitte.’
Other reports have suggested that Bruce has become so desperate to recapture his Olympian youth that he’s become addicted to plastic surgery.

Since his split with wife Kris Jenner last autumn, Bruce moved to Malibu, bought a Harley Davidson and started wearing a ponytail.
However, Kris Jenner has said ’99 percent’ of the rumours regarding a prospective sex change for her estranged husband were made up.

Well looks like we’ve found the 1% of truth with this highly feminine nail job…

So he wants to be a woman, but he’s dating his ex-wife’s BFF, while still rocking his wedding ring?? If one of you can make sense of all this feel free to fill us in.

“International Adult Companion” Shauna Brooks Confirms Whether Or Not Breezy Chopped Her Tranny Backs To Smithereens

shauna chris brown driveway

A popular transgender “adult companion” is clearing the air about her relationship with Breezy!

Transgender Adult Companion Details Evening With Chris Brown

A photo Shauna Brooks posted from the driveway of Breezy’s Virginia home got people talking…

According to RadarOnline reports:

Does Chris Brown have a “new flame” — who’s a transsexual? Self-described “international adult companion” Shauna Brooks claims she recently spent the night at the singer’s Virginia home. Now, the transsexual model is opening up to RadarOnline.com exclusively about what really went down.

Radio shows and blogs erupted with speculation after Brooks — who lists her occupation as “international adult companion” — posted a photo from the driveway of Brown’s Virginia home on Facebook and Instagram.

But Brooks says Brown will not be the next celeb to be caught up in a transsexual scandal — because the two only partied together.

Brooks revealed that though she found Brown’s messy bachelor pad “disgusting,” he deserves praise for welcoming her into his circle and being the consummate host.

“Breezy’s party was a blast and he was a great host,” she said.

She told RadarOnline.com that though she has had several well-known celebs as escort clients, Brown is not one of them and on-and-off girlfriend Karrueche Tran has nothing to fear.

In fact, Brooks said more celebrities should follow Brown’s lead and diversify their posses.

“The issue is that people are ignorant out of fear and then bash who and what they don’t understand,” she said. “If more people took the time to get to know people for who they were instead of labeling them and throwing them into some checked box with a stereotype, the world would be so much better.”

Shauna seems like an interesting character and while that talk about ignorance is on point to an extent, we’re not sure everybody is going to feel the same way — not so much because she’s transgender but because she is peddling her backs on the internet! Just saying!

Do you believe this jawn? Who do you think she’s gonna expose?

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.23.26 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.23.39 AM

Hit the flip for more photos of Shauna!


Violated: Hank Baskett Seeks Vengeance Against Tranny Bae’s Alleged Extortion With Help From The FBI


Awwww poor thang

Hank Baskett Goes To FBI To Defend Himself Against Alleged Extortion From Transexual

According to TMZ reports:

Kendra Wilkinson’s husband Hank Baskett has gone to the FBI, claiming the transsexual who has blabbed to the media she had an affair with him illegally recorded and extorted him.

Hank’s camp tells TMZ … he now acknowledges he “hung out with her.” His people say Ava London secretly recorded the conversation in which he begs her not to talk about their relationship because he’s married. That audio made its way to several tabloids.

We’ve learned Hank’s lawyer went to the FBI this week, complaining not only was the recording illegal … she tried shaking him down to the tune of $5K in return for silence.

We’re told Hank’s lawyer will go to court next week in an attempt to get her iPhone records, which his people believe will fully document an extortion attempt.

We now also know what Hank claims happened between him and Ava. He says he met her and one of her friends in a grocery store and they invited him to go to their apartment to hang out. They began partying, which somehow led to Ava taking her clothes off, and the deal breaker was when Ava revealed her basket.

LMAO SMH @ “which somehow led to Ava taking her clothes off”


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Dump Him, Girl! Hank Baskett’s Sidepiece Writes Letter To Kendra Wilkinson Warning Her To Divorce Her Tranny-Humpin’ Hubby


What is this woman waiting on? A burning bush??

Ava London Pens Open Letter To Kendra Wilkinson About Her And Hank’s Affair

Ever since news broke of Hank Baskett’s extramarital affair with a transgender woman while his wife Kendra was 8 months pregnant, Kendra has been denying, dismissing, and generally doing whatever it takes to turn a blind eye and stand by her man. Now, the transexual model at the center of Hank and Kendra’s marital woes has come forward like a man woman and addressed the woman whose husband she slept with directly.

Via RadarOnline:

More than four months after Hank Baskett’s cheating scandal went public, Kendra Wilkinson is sticking with her decision to stand by her man — so far. But now, RadarOnline.com has learned, the troubled reality star is getting new marriage advice from an unlikely source. According to an explosive report in The National ENQUIRER, Baskett’s alleged transsexual lover, Ava Sabrina London, is reaching out to Wilkinson by way of an open letter to slam Baskett and encourage the mom of two to leave him. And Radar has a copy of the bombshell text!

“I’m writing this letter to clarify and validate the unfortunate facts about your husband and I,” London begins in the letter. Noting that she passed a polygraph on the affair, as Radar reported, London writes, “It’s upsetting that I’m still the villain… Hank should be the person held accountable for his betraying decisions, and the clear disregard of your wedding vows.”

Explaining that she had no idea Baskett was married when they had their sex romp back in April, London says she later found out he had a son, Hank Jr., “and had another [daughter Alijah] on the way. In this situation, if anyone is a victim it’s them.”

“My heart goes out to them, for I’d never want this for your children or any family,” she writes.

Shockingly, London offers to meet with Wilkinson to set the story straight. But barring that, she says she knows what Wilkinson must do.

“My advice to you, whether you asked or not, is to divorce Hank and save yourself from any future heartache and pain,” she writes. “…Hank is a lying, troubled person, and I believe, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’”

Speaking of Baskett’s lies, London slams his new claims, aired on Kendra On Top, that he went to her Sherman Oaks, Calif. Apartment for drugs. “I do not do drugs, nor do I sell them,” London insists. “Hank came to me for a sexual encounter.”

Damn homie. Can Kendra handle the truth, or will she keep focusing on how Hank “treats her like a queen” when he’s not out in the streets bending post-ops over?

Hit the flip to read the full letter for yourself.

Caught Creepin’ On Tape: Leaked Audio Surfaces Of Hank Baskett Bribing His Tranny Mistress To Keep Quiet

sabrina hank kendra

Restaurant gift certificates though? SMH.

Audio Of Hank Baskett Bribing Transgender Mistress Hits The Internet

Well here’s that “proof” Kendra Wilkinson says she didn’t exactly have. Although she seems pretty hell-bent on giving her husband Hank Baskett the benefit of the doubt and acting like the transgender model’s story is as fake as her lady business, audio doesn’t lie. In a new recording leaked late last night, “Hank” can be heard bribing his audibly disappointed (and very mannish-voiced) part-time plaything with periodic $400 dollar payment installments and the occasional restaurant gift card in exchange for her silence on their affair.

Via RadarOnline:

Although Kendra Wilkinson seems to be dead set on supporting her philandering husband, Hank Baskett, despite having allegedly cheated on her with a transsexual model, more material has surfaced that could change her mind.

In a new, never-before-published audio recording obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com, “Hank” is heard bribing Ava Sabrina London with $5,000 to stay quiet. When the model requests her money ASAP, “Hank” says he’ll have to “take care of her within a year” because he and Wilkinson have a “shared bank account.”

When London doesn’t believe the caller, he assures her that he will “make deposits to her periodically.” He even goes so far as to swear on his children when she claims he is lying to her. Although he can’t pay it “all up front,” he promises to get her a gift certificate to a “nice restaurant” in the meantime for promising her silence.

As Radar reported, there were other audio recordings that caught “Hank” bribing the transsexual model.

“I just wanted to confirm that you hadn’t said anything,” “Hank” tells London on the tapes. “They just said two weeks before Kendra was pregnant that I hooked up … I hate to say it ‘cause I would never say this word, but they said I hooked up with a tranny.”

“I didn’t say nothing,” London reassures the caller.

London informed the caller that despite being offered big bucks for her tale, she’d turned down all offers so far, which seemed to reassure him.

“Thank you so much, thank you,” “Hank” says in the recording. “Thank you so much.”

Well it’s pretty obvious who leaked the tape. Guess she won’t be going to Red Lobster for the free anytime soon…

True Or False? Did Soulja Boy’s “Tranny Lover” Confirm That He’s Been Smashing Her Ex-Boy Cakes To Smithereens?


“Yassss, bish. Yaaaaassss!” — Soulja Boy

Transgender Woman Confirms Ties To Soulja Boy

Maybe Nia Riley is barking up the wrong tree with her concerns about Superhead. It seems that K. Michelle may actually have been on to something with her twitter beef revelations of Soulja Boy’s relationship with a Transgender woman in Atlanta…

Sidney Starr, a notoriously convincing yet well-known transgender — responsible for helping lay ruin to the careers of a few rappers she claims to have fooled (or not?) in the past — posted the below photo in the midst of K. Michelle and Soulja Boy’s social media spat late last night:

photo (32)
photo (31)

WTF…is Sidney Starr Soulja’s new transbae??

Well, before we all jump to conclusions…she actually didn’t technically confirm or deny anything with her caption. And it seems that it may have been a ploy to draw a bit more attention to her own upcoming reality series on Vh1. We see you Mona…

photo (30)
photo (29)

What do you think? Has Soulja really been figuring out what exactly is under Sidney’s skirt on the low…or is this just one big twisted Instagram-beef-motivated, attention sloring mess?


Tansgender Woman With Over 100 Butt-Shots Admits To Turning Tricks To Raise Money For Fake Cake Injections


Welp…as a wise woman from a classic film once said: “You gotta use what you got to get what you want…”

Transgender Woman Talks About Funding Her Back-Alley Injections

Recall the transgender woman that underwent countless black market procedures to get exaggerated curves a-la Nicki Minaj?? After spending nearly 20 years injecting herself up to 60 inches of booty meat, she now reveals that all that azz comes at a cost — if not to her health thus far, possibly to her morality. Via DailyMail:

A transgender woman who has had more than 100 black-market injections to achieve her 60-inch bum has admitted to funding the procedures through escort work.

Tatiana Williams, 42, has spent £60,000 sculpting her body over the past 20 years – including injections that have filled each bum cheek with a incredible 8lb of silicone.

She has now revealed the desperation to transform her body into a curvy woman meant she was willing to go to any level in order to achieve her costly dream.

She said: ‘Whatever it took to get that process done, I was willing to do that, because the only goal was becoming the woman that I dreamed of being.

‘I entertained as a showgirl, whatever it took.

‘If someone said do X, Y, Z, then I would meet nice gentleman friends if they would help me get money towards the procedures.’

The results of those head-to-toe procedures has left Tatiana with a Jessica Rabbit-shaped body, which she claims feels as natural as any other woman, even the 16 lbs of silicone in her bottom.

‘When I started to make myself look like a women, I never wanted to be normal, I never wanted to look like the average woman.

‘I wanted to walk into a room and men fall to their feet, point blank.

16 POUNDS of azz??? Seems a bit excessive, no? But she says her back-alley created curves have gained her love from smitten men and hate from jealous women:

She now claims to live a life of luxury with her body attracting enough admirers to allow her to become a ‘kept woman’.

She said: ‘With a body like this, you pretty much get whatever you want. Men tend to put me up on a pedestal and treat me like a queen.

‘I’m not in a relationship but If I find the right man I’ll go with it. But it’s not that important to me.’

Despite having her pick of the men, Tatiana is often hurt by the frosty reception she gets from ‘natural women’ who are eager to dismiss her beauty.

‘A lot of them can’t accept a beautiful transgender woman,’ she said.

‘If you are a transvestite, a drag-queen or someone’s that’s playing around, they will receive you better. But if you’re able to stand next to them and look just like them – or better – then it’s different.

‘It takes a strong woman to stand next to a transsexual woman like myself and not feel intimidated.’

Ladies…are you intimidated by what you see??

Either way, we hope s/he’s finally happy with her body now, since injecting all that fix-a-flat and bathroom caulk into your body can take you out of the game for good.

YouTube/Barcroft TV

No Duh! Transgender Supermodel Isis King Can’t Find Love [Video]

SMH @ her being compared to the pretty Liv.

A model who appeared on two seasons of America’s Next Top Model and has modelled for big brands like American Apparel says she is struggling to find love because she was born in a male body. Isis King, also known as Isis Tsunami, transitioned in her early twenties and has had full reassignment surgery. The New Yorker was born in a male body, but knew at the age of four that she was different. The 28-year-old says her fame means people instantly know she’s transgender, before she has a chance to reveal her secret herself. Despite her astonishing looks and catwalk body, she says it is difficult to find a gentleman who accepts her and her transition. The 5ft 7” bombshell is also looking for new management to help manage her modelling and makeup career and dreams of becoming an actress.