Going Through Changes: Bruce Jenner Getting His Moobies Done… Will He Undergo Gender Transformation On Reality TV?


Does Bruce really want to be a woman or is he just addicted to going under the knife?

According to RadarOnline reports:

Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman and plans to publicly announce his transition in January, In Touch is reporting.

And his own reality TV show might not be far behind!

Although the former decathlete’s TRANSformation is not news to RadarOnline.com readers, the report reveals how Jenner has “been taking hormones and will get his boobs done,” a source told In Touch.

“He’s tired of living a lie and wants to finally be himself.”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians dad, 65, who split from third wife Kris Jenner this year, is also “considering a show about life after Kris where he can document the truth about his changing appearance,” a source told In Touch.

“He doesn’t want Kris profiting from his life anymore, so that’s why he won’t do it on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

A Kardashian insider told the magazine Kris “is scared to death because she doesn’t know how people will react,” while her ex doesn’t care what anybody thinks anymore.

As Radar has extensively reported, Jenner’s feminine appearance has raised eyebrows for months.

He underwent a tracheal shave procedure that softened the appearance of his Adam’s apple and has been spotted wearing bright red and pink nail polish and a sports bra.

As KUWTK viewers saw last season, Jenner also has been wearing his hair long and getting highlights put in.

On Nov. 24, Jenner attended Kinky Boots, the musical about drag queens, at L.A.’s Pantages Theater.

But the Olympian has yet to comment on his changes, besides insisting he “just didn’t like” his trachea.

Meanwhile, as Radar has revealed, sources said Kris, Kim Kardashian, and the rest of the family “does not like to discuss his transformation.”

According to In Touch, however, they might be forced to, as Jenner is consulting a PR expert and will soon officially disclose his transition to the world.

Wonder if he’ll use the same guy who did Kylie’s. SMH. Whatever makes him happy… we guess.


Some Hollyweird Preciousness: Brad Pitt And His Band Of … Boys?

"Unbroken" Los Angeles Premiere held at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood

Shiloh keeps on marching to the beat of her own drum…

Brad Pitt Brings Shiloh, Maddox, Pax And His Parents To “Unbroken” Premiere

Here we have Brad Pitt, his sons Maddox and Pax and daughter Shiloh, who got suited and booted to join the fam on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of “Unbroken” while mom Angelina Jolie remained at home with the chicken pox. If your kid insisted on wearing clothing traditionally reserved for the opposite sex, would you support them, or make them wait until they were adults?

"Unbroken" Los Angeles Premiere held at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood "Unbroken" Los Angeles Premiere held at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood "Unbroken" Los Angeles Premiere held at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood "Unbroken" Los Angeles Premiere held at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood "Unbroken" Los Angeles Premiere held at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood "Unbroken" Los Angeles Premiere held at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood


Swirl Problems: Kendra Wilkinson Asks Dirty Dog Hubby Hank Baskett Point Blank “Did You Go There To Have Sex With A Transsexual?” [Video]

Would you believe him?

Kendra Wilkinson Confronts Husband Hank Baskett About Cheating With Transsexual

People.com posted this exclusive clip from the season Finale of Kendra On Top where she finally confronts him about messing with that trans woman:

In Friday’s special Kendra on Top: The Untold Story, Wilkinson turns to husband Hank Baskett and asks him the questions that have been nagging her all season.

“Am I stupid for staying with you?” she asks. “Was this your way of wanting out of this marriage?”

“Kendra, I want to tell you,” Baskett responds. “You don’t know how bad. I just don’t know how to tell you.”

Do you think he’s lying?


So Sad: 21-Year-Old Transgender Black Woman Killed While Pounding On Door For Help After Escaping Robber


This is so sad

Transgender Woman Killed While Asking For Help In California

Via The Root reports:

Deshawnda Sanchez, a 21-year-old transgender woman known to many as “Tata,” was gunned down on Wednesday in front of a house in South Los Angeles that police believe she had run to seeking help.

“She was definitely at that door, pounding on that door seeking help,” Los Angeles police Detective Christopher Barling told KTLA 5.

Someone inside the house opened the door after hearing gunshots, but Sanchez was already dead on the porch.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department and a neighbor’s surveillance video, a car is shown pulling up around 4 a.m. Someone gets out and runs up to the house, and a figure can then be seen running back to the car and driving away.

“The footage, it was heartbreaking,” the victim’s sister Diana Williams told the news station.

Detectives believe that Sanchez was running away from a robber when she was shot, but they also said they were not ruling out other scenarios. “Deshawnda is a transgender female,” Barling said. “At this point we cannot say it’s a hate crime, but we have not ruled out that as being a possibility.”

“Honestly, I think it’s a hate crime,” the victim’s twin sister, Deshanda Bradley, told the news station. “I think because they found he was a dude … they killed him.”

Rest in peace to the victim!

Michael Phelps’ Boo Thang Says He Hasn’t Called Her Since She Told The World About Being Intersex

Michael Phelps Lianne Chandeler

Hmmm… That’s odd. We can’t imagine why he’d curve her, can you?

The young woman who recently revealed to the world that she was born intersex is apparently no longer dating Michael Phelps after her big announcement.

According to Hollywood Life reports:

Taylor Lianne Chandler, the woman who confessed to being Olympian Michael Phelps‘ girlfriend prior to him going to rehab on Nov. 20, has been suffering severe backlash since sharing her story of being born intersex with the world. But even her harshest critics don’t know all the details, as Taylor explains that she told her secret to Michael before she told anyone else.

Michael, 29, has been ignoring all of Taylor’s, 41, attempts of communication since her story became headlines on Nov. 20. While the genereal assumption is that Michael is avoiding Taylor for deceiving him, Taylor explains that she was nothing but honest about her past. “I told my story to Michael a day before I posted it on my private facebook and then public,” Taylor tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

She goes on to explain that those who consider her a ‘fame whore’ for parading her story around and hiring a publicist are jumping to conclusions before knowing all the facts. “Why do I have a publicist? Because I am an interpreter, I had a company website, I am licensed, credentialed and my contact info was public., ” she explains. ” I thought by telling my truth and feeling free for the first time in 41 years that this would stop. Instead I am just an evil born a man, fraud, never dated Michael liar to the world.”

Perhaps the worst of all this drama for Taylor is that she has lost what she thought was a real connection with Michael. After her past became public knowledge – and tabloid headlines — Taylor waited for Michael to call her. But he didn’t… and he still hasn’t.

“I went through hell for him. I protected him. I stayed quiet as the media ripped me apart for seven weeks. I have trusted him and fell for him. My past, my livelihood has all been exposed and taken from me, yet I am evil and destroying his life. I have friends that can’t be on my social media because they don’t want to be linked to this. I can’t go to the gym, the mall, or anywhere without people knowing who I am, first as Michael’s girlfriend portrayed by the media, and then by my whole past,” Taylor tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Do you think Michael is being cruel and ignorant or would you behave the same way?

Suprise! Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Reveals She Was NOT Born Female While The Swimmer Is Away At Rehab


Damn homie. How do you think this info will affect his sobriety?

Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Reveals She Wasn’t Born Female

While 22-time Olympic Medalist Michael Phelps is cooling his heels in rehab, his girlfriend had a little information she wants to share with the world. Apparently the misses was once a mister — kind of — and decided to go public with that info before running it past her boyfriend first. Via MailOnline:

Michael Phelps’ girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler has just made a shocking admission.

In a post on her Facebook, Chandler is revealing she was actually born a boy, and named David Roy Fitch at birth.

As a teenager however Chandler went on testosterone blockers and had her name changed and then, in her early twenties, underwent corrective surgery to get rid of her male genitalia.

Chandler was born a male however in name only, and is actually intersex, meaning she had male genitalia, but no testicles, while also having a uterus and no ovaries.

As she explains in a Facebook post, ‘I was never a man, never lived as a man. No one can say they knew me as a man or produce a photo of me as a man.’

She then adds, ‘There are people that remember me as an androgynous child at times because of what was forced upon me.’

She is also revealing how in love she is with Phelps, and how they two clicked after meeting on Tinder.
‘Spending time with him was like a teenage love affair,’ she says.

‘I have never felt so comfortable and accepted in every way as I did with him.’

She had previously detailed their first date, to a Baltimore Ravens games, to the National Enquirer.

‘One thing led to the next, and we made love during halftime,’ she says.

‘Later, we had sex again. The intimacy with him was amazing! It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman.’

She also told the magazine that she never lied to the swimmer about her past, saying it just never came up.
Now however, Chandler thinks Phelps may leave her after telling her truth.

‘I am probably going to lose him because he is a brand that his team wants to protect and things since he went to rehab came to my attention that didn’t put him or our relationship in the best light,’ she says.

But…like, could she not have called him on the phone with this?

We still have to wonder…does Michael Phelps have some kind of eye problem? This doesn’t seem to have been the best kept secret in the world. Just saying…

Transgender Actress Laverne Cox Chosen As Glamour Mag’s “Woman Of The Year”


Did they make the right choice?

2014 has just been Laverne Cox’s year all around. With the booming success of Orange Is The New Black, the transgender actress has been thrust into the spotlight and has used her newfound platform to shed a lot of light on the widely unknown (and even more widely ignored and disdained) plight of transgender people. Via ETonline:

Laverne Cox is having the best year ever!

The Orange Is the New Black actress is being with a Glamour Woman of the Year award — an award that honors celebrities, politicians, local leaders and athletes for their powerful roles in influencing women everywhere.

Cox, 30, has already made history this year. Her portrayal of Sophia Burset on Orange is the New Black made her the first transgender woman to ever be nominated for an Emmy, and she was also the first transgender woman to ever make the cover of Time.

Before landing the role of Sophia, she tells Glamour, “I played hookers a lot. That was the scope of what was available for trans actors. When I got the [OITNB] script, I was like, OK, this is what I’ve waited for my whole career–I need to kill it.”

While is she is clearly thriving now, she opened up about the process of deciding to transition, “I had a nervous breakdown. My career was going nowhere; I shaved off my Beyonce-circa-Destiny’s Child long hair, bought boys’ clothes, and tried to be ‘normal.’ I was so unhappy and thought, I either have to transition or I have to kill myself.”

Sharing her experience has help other people understand the transgender community. “We have this internal compass of the truth inside of us,” she says of becoming an advocate. “And this is our job, really, to quiet all this noise around us and listen to that.”

Well, good for her! What do you think of Glamour including a transgender woman in their women of the year selection?

Elsewhere In The World: Iran Makes Homosexuals Get Gender Reassignment Surgery To Fit Into Society


Very interesting…

Iranian Government Pushes Homosexuals To Gender Reassignment

Iran reports having “no homosexuals” in their society, but that seems to be due to the fact that they are either forced out due to harsh discrimination, or coaxed into living their lives as the opposite gender in order to conform to male/female relationship norms. The results are unsurprisingly damaging in the long-run for gay citizens who have no real desire to become transgendered. Via BBCnews:

It’s not official government policy to force gay men or women to undergo gender reassignment but the pressure can be intense. In the 1980’s the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa allowing gender reassignment surgery – apparently after being moved by a meeting with a woman who said she was trapped in a man’s body.

Shabnam – not her real name – who is a psychologist at a state-run clinic in Iran says some gay people now end up being pushed towards surgery. Doctors are told to tell gay men and women that they are “sick” and need treatment, she says. They usually refer them to clerics who tell them to strengthen their faith by saying their daily prayers properly.

But medical treatments are also offered. And because the authorities “do not know the difference between identity and sexuality”, as Shabnam puts it, doctors tell the patients they need to undergo gender reassignment.

In many countries this procedure involves psychotherapy, hormone treatment and sometimes major life-changing operations – a complex process that takes many years.

That’s not always the case in Iran.

“They show how easy it can be,” Shabnam says. “They promise to give you legal documents and, even before the surgery, permission to walk in the street wearing whatever you like. They promise to give you a loan to pay for the surgery.”

Supporters of the government’s policy argue that transgender Iranians are given help to lead fulfilling lives, and have more freedom than in many other countries. But the concern is that gender reassignment surgery is being offered to people who are not transgender, but homosexual, and may lack the information to know the difference.

This is pretty invasive stuff…same sex attraction doesn’t make you a transgender. But I guess if you want to love who you love and have peace in that nation, you have to get with the program and have your parts sliced up. What do you think, Bossip Fam??

Where’s Your Balls?! Bruce Trans-Jenner Taunted On Golf Course For His New Physical Transformation

13th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Day 3


Bruce Jenner Taunted For Feminine Appearance On Golf Course

According to TMZ reports:

Bruce Jenner has been taunted where he golfs everyday … by a few jerks who think Bruce’s new look doesn’t belong on the links or in the locker room.

Sources connected with Bruce tell TMZ … almost everyone who golfs with Bruce at his country club in Thousand Oaks has been gracious … but several people are acting like 14-year-old boys.

In one case … a golfer passed Bruce on the green and screamed out, “How’s your d**k” … suggesting it might not be there much longer. Bruce was cool — he laughed and responded by pointing to his crotch and saying, “It’s right here. It hasn’t worked in 20 years.”

Another guy heckled Bruce in the locker room, mocking his ombre hairstyle and threatening to cut it off.

Bruce still goes to the club religiously, and most people treat him warmly and with respect.

As for the 2 idiots … it’s 2014, and people have a right to live their lives the way they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone. And Bruce can probably kick their azzes in golf.

While Bruce is making all these physical changes he might wanna get some tougher skin because at the rate he’s going there is a LOT more of this to come.

Image via WENN

Werk: Bruce Jenner Celebrates 65th Birthday With A Pretty Pink Mani/Pedi


Should we start calling him Bruceisha soon?

Bruce Jenner Gets Pink Nail Polish For His Birthday

Via DailyMail:

Bruce Jenner has frequently been the subject of rumours he is transitioning into a woman after reportedly having his Adam’s Apple surgically reduced.

And the former pro athlete was doing nothing to dispel the whispers as he turned 65 years old on Tuesday.

Bruce was spotted stealing a smoke in his car while sporting hot pink nail polish as he rang in the landmark by himself in Malibu, California.

It appeared that the Jenner patriarch was enjoying a solo day of pampering in the quiet beach community.
With his hot pink nails and cheeky cigarette, he looked to be in full relaxation mode.

And perhaps the former Olympian was in a nostalgic mood as he also was spotted wearing his wedding band, despite his estranged wife Kris Jenner filing for divorce back in September.

The reality star has previously been alleged to be seeking gender reassignment treatment with a preference to be named ‘Brigitte.’
Other reports have suggested that Bruce has become so desperate to recapture his Olympian youth that he’s become addicted to plastic surgery.

Since his split with wife Kris Jenner last autumn, Bruce moved to Malibu, bought a Harley Davidson and started wearing a ponytail.
However, Kris Jenner has said ’99 percent’ of the rumours regarding a prospective sex change for her estranged husband were made up.

Well looks like we’ve found the 1% of truth with this highly feminine nail job…

So he wants to be a woman, but he’s dating his ex-wife’s BFF, while still rocking his wedding ring?? If one of you can make sense of all this feel free to fill us in.